Pure Imagination: Art

Our theme this season is taken straight from the classic Hollywood movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The song “Pure Imagination” encapsulates what we love about music: it’s ability to transport listeners to a storied world full of possibilities.

This season, we’re performing a concert completely from musicals and movies. We’re excited to present something light and fun for a change and will be trying our hands at lots of kinds of art including staging, costuming, acting, and some visual arts.

We know that music enjoys a close relationship with other art forms like dance, words, and imagery and so to inaugurate our Summer 2018 season, we’ve collected art work from our Sonoro members illustrating Pure Imagination.


Randee Autrand paints pottery. She says: “Pure imagination means creating a world, even if it’s within your own head, where anything is possible. Whenever life gets you down, you can go there and be whatever you want to be.”

Battle Scars
Written By Adena Grundy

I sit wounded, terrified and torn.

The battles are never over,
They began they day we were born.

A constant assault,
A choice to see,
Tired and restless,
Hoping there is still some fight left in me.

I have seen what happens to those who lay down,
Lost in all that they had hoped to be.

So I stand wounded, bloodied and free.

Adena Grundy uses poetry to imagine a future of healing.

Marijana Wulffiend uses makeup and fashion to transport the viewer to another time and place. We look forward to using her expertise in makeup this concert! (click to view larger pictures)

Ellen Jewkes says about her paintings: “Abstract art leaves rules behind, fuels imagination, and exemplifies creativity just with elements of shapes, lines, colors, and textures.” (click to view larger pictures)

Written by Susan Smith

Where the wind does reach the water,
Where sun and moon shine over seas,
There will I wait until the morrow,
For you to sail back home to me.

If the shadows come to get me,
My soul will draw its strength from yours.
There is no wall to come between us;
There is no force that is that strong.

Leave the winter when you’re able.
Send the spring to warm our land.
I will be here when you call softly;
I will be here to take your hand.

The sun will rise ‘ere you return.
The moon and stars be true.
I will not falter, nor be shaken.
My heart is ever true.

© 2016 Dusty Guitar Music, LLC (by permission)

Susan Smith likewise uses imagination and metaphor to shape her message.

Krystal Hames uses photography to find beautiful structures in nature and to foster imaginative spaces. (click to view larger pictures)

Johanna Hanson uses watercolor and ink to think about emotive space. She says, “Imagination, for me, has always been about a union of emotion with a sense of place. I’m definitely inspired by our music and lyrics and I can’t wait to take our audience on a journey this season.”  (click to view larger pictures)

Join us in June “in a world of pure imagination”.

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