Pure Imagination: Work

Our theme this season is taken straight from the classic Hollywood movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The song “Pure Imagination” encapsulates what we love about music: it’s ability to transport listeners to a storied world full of possibilities.

This season, we’re performing a concert completely from musicals and movies. We’re excited to present something light and fun for a change and will be trying our hands at lots of kinds of art including staging, costuming, acting, and some visual arts.

It’s been busy here at Sonoro rehearsals as we sink our teeth into the challenge of production. We’re on track to memorize our entire performance by the end of April–a good month and a half earlier than we usually do. We’re learning choreography, staging, and how to emote while singing. Plus, all of us have extra-singing duties including sourcing props, costuming, and organizing the front of house. We’ve even drafted some of our favorite men to be pirates!  It’s tons of fun.

Here at Sonoro, we are passionate about making music accessible to everyone. We disagree that music is either high-brow or low-brow. All music has a story to tell and we hope you’ll join us this June 9 and 10 at Steilacoom Community Church for an exploration into Imagination!




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