SCS Podcast 3: The Magnificat at Christmas

This Christmas season, Sonoro Women’s Choir is featuring Ralph Vaughan William’s “Magnificat.” Listen as Director Jeremy Shilley explains why we love this piece so much.


Ralph Vaughan Williams directing his own music. Picture courtesy of

Written in 1932, Ralph Vaughan William’s “Magnificat” is an operatic-like illustration of  Mary, the already-pregnant mother of Jesus speaking to her cousin, Elizabeth, the soon-to-be mother of John the Baptist. The part of Mary is portrayed via a very demanding contralto soloist part filled with cadenzas (2:28) while the part of Elizabeth is played by the choir. The Holy Spirit is signified by a deliciously eerie flute solo.

All that and more in the podcast!



This podcast is brought to you by our season sponsors Kern Family Dentistry, producer Johanna Hanson, Musical Director Jeremy Shilley. And a special thanks to Roxane Hreha, flautist; Jeff Anderson, pianist; and Jade Love, soloist.

If you liked what you heard, be sure and join us for our concerts which will also feature the Scandinavian Children’s Choir, holiday favorites, contemporary winter pieces, and two pianists at one piano! Don’t miss our homemade goodies at the refreshment table.


SCS Podcast: Ep.1 Voice Placement

Every season, Sonoro Women’s Choir members participate in the Voice Placement ritual. Director Shilley balances each of the sections by moving singers from part to part so that the voices blend and compliment one another. It’s a bit tricky and fiddly, but totally worth it! This year, we recorded it so that you could hear the changes happen right before your ears.